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HOGI Pump-controlled Servo and Dual Servo CNC Press Brake Bending Machines ESVP Series

Pump-controlled Servo and Dual Servo Pump Control Hydraulic System for CNC Bending Machines ESVP Series

ESVP (Electro-hydrostatic Pump Unit) series servo pump control bending machine control unit, after a long period of continuous exploration and practice, for the cnc bending machine industry to develop servo motor and two-way internal gear pump combination of control of the bending machine servo pump control system, the use of servo motors and two-way internal gear pumps are connected to the servo motor through the numerical control system to control the servo motor’s speed to accurately control the output of the pump flow of hydraulic fluid, the control of bending machine synchronisation of the two cylinders, to achieve the slider position of the precise control of the speed of downward movement faster, more efficient, simple installation, energy saving and environmental protection.

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