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CNC Metal Plate rolling welding machine

HOGI Hydraulic 2-roller plate winder
HOGI CNC 4-roller round roll machine
HOGI Full servo 4-roller rolling machine
HOGI small rolled round automatic production line (automatic loading, automatic rolling , automatic unloading)
HOGI duct automatic round rolled production line (fully automatic production, automatic loading, automatic rounded rolled, automatic discharging)
HOGI Fan duct Rolling and Welding Line (automatic loading, automatic rolling, automatic welding, automatic discharging)
HOGI Intelligent CNC Control Welding Equipment
HOGI Full-automatic flanging machine without mold, full-automatic flanging and punching integrated machine
Committed to ventilation and environmental protection projects, fire prevention, heating and cooling ventilation fan HAVC, according to the different needs of customers to provide technical solutions to customized programs.

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