Press brake die, Press brake tooling

The press brake die is a tool used by bending machine to process the sheet metal. It mainly realizes the processing of the shape of the workpiece by changing the physical state of sheet metal. Under the pressure of bending machine, the metal sheet becomes a specific shape and size. Artifacts. Press brake tool are generally divided into upper mold and lower mold, which can be selected and replaced according to the specific conditions of the processed product!

We have professional press brake die designers who are familiar with various model parameters and bending rebound coefficients.

Finished mold test, pressure test customer provides product drawings. , Can be shipped only after qualified.

press brake die

Mold material: 42CrMo、55SiCr、T8、T10、9crsi、6Crw2si、H13k、CR12MOV、HMB……

Quenching hardness: HRC 47º-56º

Accuracy: can reach ADMDA standard

Standard length, 835mm, 800mm, 550mm, Standard CNC press brake machine dies are available from stock, non-standard press brake die sizes can be customized according to customer drawings.

press brake tool
bending machine mold die segmentation
customized press brake die manufacturer
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According to the different requirements of customers, choose the best mold design program, with the fastest time, the best quality to meet customer requirements.

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