Advantages of sheet metal V Grooving machine

Metal sheet slotting machine is often used in the construction and decoration industry, for V-shaped slotting of stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet and other metal sheets,Minimize the arc radius of the edge of the workpiece after bending, and reduce the bending force.It can also be used to pre-position the bending side length before bending to ensure the accuracy of the bending side length. It is a new device that has been vigorously promoted in recent years.It can also be used to pre-position the length of the curved side before bending.

  1. After the CNC slotting machine performs V-grooving on the metal sheet, the bending force required for bending the sheet is reduced, so that the long sheet can be bent on the smaller tonnage bending machine.
  2. The stainless steel v groover machine can also scribe grooves on the metal sheet, which is used to accurately position the length of the bent side before bending, and then bend according to the pre-scribed groove on the bending machine, so that it can be Ensure the high precision of the length of the bending side.
  3. CNC V cutting machine can control the depth of the metal sheet, so that some special bending types can be bent and formed on the ordinary bending machine. If the metal sheet has not been grooved, some special bending sheets will not be able to be bent into shape on the bending machine, or use a specially designed mold to finish.

Best Configuration

The high-power servo motor drive system imported from Japan is adopted, and the Y-axis is driven by double motors, and the running speed can reach 60 meters per minute or more.

The electrical system uses imported frequency converters, Japanese Mitsubishi servo drives and motors, and Siemens electrical components. It avoids the problem of high failure rate when using ordinary electrical parts, and has stronger stability, durability and safety.

The CNC touch screen system is adopted for quick and clear command input.

Imported high-power air cooling, the spindle has high precision, long life, stable operation, good starting performance, large torque, can give play to the advantages of high-speed operation of V groover machine, and higher efficiency.

Imported PMI square linear guide rail, double-row four-row ball sliders, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high-precision, high-strength high-quality steel rails ensure the precision and wear resistance of the machinery, and the service life is 10 times longer than that of circular guides . Imported ball screw has precise cutting.

With precise adjustment of the tool holder position and automatic tool setting system, the operation of the tool is more convenient and simple, which directly improves the production efficiency.

Intelligently protect the work surface to prevent possible damage to the surface caused by misoperation or software errors,Intelligent processing cross-border protection,Prevent the mechanical collision phenomenon caused by the design plate surface exceeding the processing plate surface.

Metal sheet V groover machine is specially used in the decoration industry of high-end building metal materials. It performs V-shaped slotting on stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet, steel plate and other metal sheets, which can meet the requirements of hotels, restaurants, restaurants, commercial buildings, banks, airports and other places. Special needs for mid-to-high-end decoration.

The sheet metal v grooving machine is designed in two mainstream types: Vertical and Gantry. The gantry V cut machine originated from South Korea. As an imported equipment, it is liked by many people. After using it, many shortcomings were felt. Compared with the vertical v groove machine, we summarized the following differences:

Accuracy advantage: The groove depth is directly related to the effect of the angle. If the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending position R is obviously inconsistent. When the vertical grooving machine is working, the planer runs at a fixed straight line position to the table, and the accuracy of the distance from the tool tip to the worktable is controlled at 0.02mm. When the gantry v grooving machine is working, the accuracy of the blade facing a platform with width 1.5 meters and length 4 meters is difficult to control within the range of 0.1 mm. Therefore, the accuracy of the gantry v grooving machine is not as good as the vertical v grooving machine.

Processing range: The vertical slotting machine has more than ten independent pressing plates and more than ten independent clamps to automatically clamp metal sheets. Various sheet sizes are easy to process, both horizontal and vertical, and the minimum workpiece is 80*80mm . Generally, the gantry v groover machine is only for grooving large metal sheets. After longitudinal grooving, the sheet material is deformed and cannot be clamped horizontally.

Safe use: The vertical v groove machine uses hydraulic or pneumatic automatic clamping of the workpiece, automatic positioning and working, and the operator can stay away from the machine tool operating position. The gantry v grooving machine clamps the workpiece within the operating range of the machine. The gantry frame moves at a high speed, and the control part runs with the gantry frame. It is easy to cause personal injury to the operator and poses a great safety hazard.

Comprehensive recommendation: According to the characteristics of the two types,If there are a lot of non-standard (laser cut shapes) metal sheets, we recommend choosing a vertical v groove machine. If there are more whole sheets or metal sheets with symmetrical specifications (square or rectangular), we recommend choosing gantry v groover machine. Combining the above characteristics, the two machines have their own characteristics in terms of accuracy, energy consumption, craftsmanship and installation. However, the price of gantry v grooving machines on the market is lower than that of vertical v grooving machines, so everyone can choose according to the actual situation.

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