Automatic flexible bending center, Panel bender cnc machine

Automatic Panel Bender


Automatic Panel bender is a high-tech product developed and produced to improve production efficiency, reduce labor cost. The equipment has the following features: Industry 4.0 Architecture

Work fast

Less labor cost

Maintenance easily Simple operation,

low demands on labor skill Bending into complex shapes easily and faster.

Compatible for stainless steel, cold drawing sheet, galvanized sheet

automatic bending center,Panel bender machine
Sucker type Flexible bending certer

Main function configuration: High-grade casting 9-axis + concurrent linkage control system C axis lift (sucker type) Double C-axis automatic following system (press arm type) Graphic visualization error detection programming Oil supply self-lubricating system Double Y-U automatic positioning ruler (press arm type) Workpiece anti-misplacement detection function (press arm type) Custom function of workpiece precision surface 0.001mm system accuracy Eccentric load detection system Plate thickness detection system Eccentric load bending follow system Interchangeable and customizable narrow module (sucker type) Cloud operation and maintenance management interface Y-axis double leaning ruler (sucker type) Offline editing function Big data self-learning function Advanced programming functions High-speed control module Up and down pressing dead edge function Flattening function Self-driven loading and unloading integrated automation components Handwheel function

INTEGRATED MECHANICAL ARM Automatic Intelligent Bending Center is equipped with a robotic arm with automatic loading and unloading controlled by the same system, and the same control center has high efficiency.Good coordination. The system automatically generates the action of the robot arm according to the parameters of the bending workpiece. The robot arm does not require additional programming. It is convenient and simple to replace different types of workpieces. The robot arm can be automatically palletized and can be easily connected to upstream and downstream automated production lines or other equipment.

production line

Productive & full-featured machine Efficient performance from programming, setup, to bending, workpiece

Processing Sample Display

cabinets, furniture,file cabinet,kitchen cabinets

Industry application

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