bending follower

Bending follower Bending follow-up support device

Sheet metal bending machine is a widely used bending equipment. With the development of science and technology, the bending machine has entered the era of numerical control. People have higher and higher requirements for bending accuracy, and the functional components of bending machines are becoming more and more diverse. Powerful companies pay more and more attention to the development of various characteristic functional components and strive to improve the automation degree of machine tools. The follow-up feeding mechanism is one of the more complex functional components.

At present, most of the factories are manually supporting metal materials. For ordinary small materials, only one person can operate a bending machine. However, when a large area of sheet metal is involved, it often takes 4 to 6 people to operate a bending machine. It is extremely labor-intensive, and the instability of artificial support can easily cause product quality problems and is not conducive to production control.

In this way, a follow-up material bending trolley greatly improves production efficiency.

bending follower

How to choose to maximize the benefits of the factory:

The follow-up support of the bending machine is an auxiliary equipment for the bending processing of the bending machine. Its application can greatly save manpower, improve the material support effect, make the sheet material evenly stressed, and ensure the processing quality of the bending workpiece.

The complexity of the equipment lies in the fact that the trajectory of the pallet and the motion trajectory of the bending machine are consistent during the bending and turning process, the trajectory is the same, and the speed is the same. The independent numerical control system realizes this function, so that the two maintain a high degree of unity. . At the same time, the follow-up material does not have high requirements on the bending machine, so it does not need to be modified and upgraded separately, and the scope of application is very wide.

bending machine follow up material supporting

  • Compatible with all brands and models of press brakes
  • Compact structure, small footprint, single lifting force up to 200kg (customizable)
  • Suitable for sheet metal bending of larger size, safe and time-saving, labor-saving and labor-saving
  • Reduce the operator’s labor load and ensure the consistency of the bending machine angle
  • Accurately read Y-axis displacement data and keep 100% synchronization with Y-axis
  • Independent control system, no need to upgrade the original system of the bending machine
  • Adjustable up, down, front and back according to mold height and V-groove opening size
  • The table is equipped with rollers and brushes to prevent the board from being scratched, and it can ensure the flexible rotation of the workpiece when bending.
  • Flexible and easy to use, easy to load and unload, and realize the sharing mode of one unit and multiple units.
  • The main body is an independent structure, no need to change the mechanical parts of the bending machine, and the base is a Foma wheel structure that can be moved at any time.
  • The height of the support table can be fine-tuned up and down, which is convenient for installing molds of different heights.
  • Independent PLC electrical control system, using magnetic scale feedback information to the computer, the computer controls the closed-loop servo motor to do follow-up action.
  • The follow-up turning speed can be adjusted according to different plate thicknesses, no need to change the control system of the bending machine, and no programming is required for standard bending; man-machine interface, programmable or manual operation.
  • There is no need to modify the bending machine. It is only necessary to install displacement sensor on the slider of the bending machine and connect it to the incoming line interface of the bending machine to avoid the risk of failure caused by modifying the electric box of the bending machine and taking the signal of the bending machine. It also avoids the work-related accident of the bending machine falling off the knife and pressing the operator’s hand due to the follow-up car interfering with the signal of the bending machine.
  • bending machine sheet follow
  • bending machine sheet follow

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