cnc metal sheet 4 roller rolling machine

CNC Mini 4 roller rolling bending machine Manufacturer

cnc mini 4 roller bending machine

Full servo four-roll plate rolling machine, the position of the upper roll is fixed, the lower roll and the side roll can move up and down, the rotation of the work roll is driven by servo, and the lower roll and the side roll are connected by parallel lifts at both ends to make it move up and down,The overturning and reset of the overturning bracket at the discharge end of the upper roller is carried out by the cylinder push rod.

Each roller bearing body and lifting system are installed in the frame at the left and right ends.

The movement of the lower roller and the side roller is directly driven by the servo motor. The driving method is to directly drive the worm wheel of the ball screw elevator through the servo motor. The worm wheel drives the nut of the ball screw. The rotation of the nut makes the ball screw rise and fall, and the ball screw and the side The roller bases are connected so that the side rollers move up and down, and the lower rollers move in the same way.

This method is more accurate than using the servo motor to drive the hydraulic pump, and then controlling the stroke of the oil cylinder through the proportional valve, there is no accumulated error, and the high precision of the rolling is guaranteed.

cnc metal sheet 4 roller rolling machine

The fully automatic micro-control system adopted by the machine is a special control system specially designed and manufactured for the four-roll plate rolling machine. Including the main electrical cabinet, console and other hardware parts and computer-specific control software.

Programmable function of man-machine dialogue: Input the relevant parameters of the workpiece through the touch screen, such as plate thickness, reel radius, plate rolling speed and correction coefficient, the microcomputer automatically calculates and optimizes all steps of the plate rolling process, and realizes the automatic control of plate forming.

CNC automatic rolling is adopted to reduce the dependence on operating skills, and the metal sheet is always clamped between the upper and lower rolls to eliminate slippage, and the speed and efficiency are 50-80% higher than any 3-roller bending machine.

When rolling a large number of metal sheets of the same specification material, the operator only needs to recall the previously memorized program, and simply press the “start” button, and the CNC will automatically execute all the action sequences. This function can be used to roll batch shaped workpieces. Workpieces that require multi-pass rolling can be programmed to execute in edit mode.

cnc rolling machine


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