Five common application fields of industrial robots

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Industrial robots are multi-joint manipulators or multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical devices that are widely used in the industrial field. They have a certain degree of automation and can rely on their own power energy and control capabilities to achieve various industrial processing and manufacturing functions. Industrial robots are widely used in various industrial fields such as electronics, logistics, and chemical engineering. Among them, the following five fields are the most widely used.

1. Robot handling application (38%)

At present, handling is still the largest application field of robots, accounting for about 40% of the total robot applications. Many automated production lines need to use robots for loading, unloading, handling, and palletizing operations. In recent years, with the rise of collaborative robots, the market share of handling robots has been an increasing trend.

2. Robot welding application (29%)

Robot welding applications mainly include spot welding and arc welding used in the automotive industry. Although spot welding robots are more popular than arc welding robots, arc welding robots have developed rapidly in recent years. Many processing workshops gradually introduce welding robots to realize automated welding operations.

3. Robot assembly application (10%)

Assembly robots are mainly engaged in the installation, disassembly and repair of parts and components. Due to the rapid development of robot sensor technology in recent years, the application of robots has become more and more diversified, which directly leads to a decline in the proportion of robot assembly applications.

4. Robot spraying application (4%)

The robot spraying here mainly refers to painting, dispensing, painting and other tasks. Only 4% of industrial robots are engaged in spraying applications.

5. Mechanical processing applications (2%)

The application of robots in the machining industry is not high, accounting for only 2%. The reason is probably because there are many automated equipment on the market that can perform machining tasks. Machining robots are mainly engaged in application areas including parts casting, laser cutting and water jet cutting.

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