hydraulic flanging machine

HOGI industrial fan HVAC complete set of welding equipment angle steel flange automatic welding, Rolling production line

cnc rolling machine line
metal plate rolling welding machine

HOGI develops, designs, manufactures and sells intelligent welding, cutting and Rolling equipment in the fields of ventilation and environmental protection engineering, fire protection, heating, cooling and ventilation fans.

Realisation of automatic, intelligent and parametric production

HOGI fan HVAC complete sets of welding equipment Angle steel flange automatic welding, electromechanical pipeline welding equipment rolled round production line

Major equipment:

2 rolls rolling machine

4-roller plate CNC rolling machine

Automatic Straight seam welding machine

Shrimp elbow automatic welding machine

Small diameter rolled round automatic production line

Duct Automatic Round Rolling Production Line

Fan outer cylinder roll round welding production line

Fan impeller robot automatic welding machine

Stainless steel duct flange automatic welding machine

Robot Duct Flange Laser Welding Machine

Robot Automatic Welding Machine

Automatic Flanging and Punching Machine


Manufacture of stainless steel ducts and carbon steel ducts and ventilation ducts. Various kinds of cylindrical cylinders for fans, fire-fighting equipment and automotive industries.

Rolling production line equipment consists of: hydraulic material frame, levelling machine, laser cutting, conveying platform, hydraulic four-roller rolling machine, discharging platform, vertical straight seam welding and other structural components. It is used to replace the manual opening, rolling and welding, and the equipment is simple to operate and easy to use. High production efficiency.

In the process of operation, the equipment can monitor the operation process in real time, and the touch screen can be set up with many parameters of the rounding process. The operation platform of the equipment has buttons for start, stop and emergency stop.

hydraulic flanging machine
hydraulic flanging punching machine

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