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HOGI intelligent flexible bending center Automatic panel bender

HOGI intelligent flexible bending center focuses on solving various complex sheet metal bending problems in metal forming.

Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of intelligent flexible bending centers, self-propelled robotic arms, multi-axis concurrent linkage control systems, and cloud operation and maintenance management platforms.


HOGI-LH products have independent intellectual property rights, and realize the real 9-axis + concurrent linkage. Each single control board supports 32-axis concurrent linkage, which can realize infinite cascade.

The system currently supports 44-axis concurrent linkage. Products have been widely used in file cabinets, electrical cabinets, kitchen utensils, fixtures, decoration, ventilation, refrigeration, elevators, car industry, door industry and other metal forming fields.

The whole machine is designed and produced in accordance with the standard of high-precision machine tools. The main bed is made of high-grade castings. The castings and welding parts have undergone strict stress relief process treatment. Long-term running accuracy, stability and high rigidity of the machine.

bending center

HOGI-LH Flexible intelligent bending center can easily realize arcs and dead edges,Back-shaped, closed-type and other complex sheet metal bending requirements.

Fully automatic bending is realized, and the four sides of the workpiece can be bent in 30s, which solves the dependence on bending tools and labor, effectively improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. Fully automatic bending process and graphic visualization of bending action programming effectively solve the technical requirements and manual requirements for operators.

Our company Started to research and develop the system in 2013, and the first generation machine was officially sold in 2017, and now it is the third generation machine.

LHA02-X Series

  • LHA02-1000X / 1400X

LHA03-P Series

  • LHA03-1400P/2000P/2500P

Fifth Generation

  • LHA05-2000PS/2500PS/2500PU

  • LHA05-2000A/2500A

  • Flexible bending center flexible bending center

  • Processing material: stainless steel, aluminum plate, cold plate and other metal materials

    Processing thickness: 035-3mm

    Number of control axes:9-21Axis

  • industrial robotAutomatic loading and unloading

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