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HOGI Introduction to the characteristics of pure electric bending machine and the working principle of each component

Introduction to the characteristics of pure electric bending machine and the working principle of each component

In recent years, as the concept of green, environmental protection and low carbon is getting more and more attention, from the field of passenger cars to the field of construction machinery, and then to the field of industrial manufacturing, pure electric power is becoming more and more a kind of fashion, a kind of future.

From the forging machine tool industry, servo mechanical turret punch has basically completed the replacement of the traditional hydraulic turret punch; servo punch program has become the focus of industry exchanges; in the field of bending machine, from the polygonal folding to the electric bending machine, electric is also gradually becoming the future of the bending machine industry, a major trend.

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The following is a brief description of the features of electric bending machines:

        1. Better control performance.

Using high torque low inertia ES650N + ISMG1 large motor drive, performance for high energy efficiency, low power consumption, high encoder resolution, high motion control communication bus rate and low jitter, etc. ES650N is a new generation of research and development of high-performance general-purpose servo drive of medium-power, 23-bit encoder, no-load rigidity of the performance is good, support for the 250us cycle synchronization, EtherCAT communication Support one network to the end, with high torque low inertia ISMG motor, fast response and good rigidity.

2. Safer.

Electric bending machines, unlike electro-hydraulic bending machines, have high requirements for the installation and use of screw drives. Injection molding machine industry is the advantage of the industry, the advantage of covering including control, drive, silk rod and so on. R & D personnel pull through the all-electric injection molding machine industry experience, combined with the process characteristics of the bending machine, the introduction of a set of more advantageous program, including synchronous control optimization, anti-deviation load protection, emergency stop screw protection, stiffness alarm and other functions. Combined with the bending machine is different from the noise requirements of the injection molding machine industry, the launch of silent high-speed HSP series bending machine special screw, faster, less noise, safer to use.

    3. Smarter.

Combined with IOT can realize remote monitoring, MES and other digital functions. Diagnostic function supports I/O monitoring, communication monitoring and so on. Maintenance records support automatic lubrication, fault record query and operation record query, making maintenance service simpler.

       4. Faster.

Faster response and better follow characteristics relative to peers. A production beat time is greatly reduced.

        5. Less noise.

Motor design reduces vibration and reduces inherent harmonics of the motor, controls harmonics of the motor power input, and controls the waveform of the motor input voltage and current to reduce harmonics.The HSP series of screws utilize ball-to-ball retainers and soft body guide tubes for less noise.

        6. Smoother running.

The control algorithm is more professional, the movement speed and acceleration is smoother, the high resolution feedback signal and better performance of the motion control bus are also conducive to smooth and steady movement.


The electric bending machine is used by a wire to energize the coil, which generates a gravitational force on the platen when energized, thus realizing the clamping of the thin plate between the platen and the base to meet the needs of various workpieces. Components can only work better if they cooperate with each other.

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        Next, we will talk about the working principle of each component of the electric bending machine separately:

        1. Synchronize the system:

The machine consists of torsion shaft, pendulum arm, joint bearing and other components of the mechanical synchronization mechanism, simple structure, stable and reliable performance, high synchronization accuracy. The mechanical block is adjusted by motor and the numerical control system controls the value.

        2. Slider section:

Adopt hydraulic transmission, the slider part consists of slider, oil cylinder and mechanical block fine-tuning structure. The left and right cylinders of the bending machine are fixed on the frame, and the slider is driven up and down by the piston (rod) through hydraulic pressure, and the mechanical stopper is controlled by the numerical control system to adjust the value.

        3. Rear stopper mechanism:

The bending machine stopper adopts motor drive, through the chain drill to drive the two wire rod synchronous movement, the CNC system to control the stopper size.

        4. Workbench section:

Manipulated by the button box, the motor of the bending machine drives the blocking frame to move forward and backward, and the CNC system to control the distance moved to the smallest reading of 0.01mm (before and after the position of the travel switch is limited).

        Electric bending machine components coordinate with each other to comprehensively improve the efficiency, precision, maintainability, versatility and safety of the system, reducing the manufacturing materials and making it very easy to use.


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