HOGI Metal Grinding and Polishing machine

HOGI flat metal grinding and polishing machine is mainly used for sand drawing on the surface of metal sheets and metal panels. Standard polishing machine, the whole machine is controlled by PLC programming, and it is automatically processed by sand drawing. It is simple to operate and only needs to be manually loaded and unloaded, which greatly improves the work efficiency of workers.

The metal surface polishing machine adopts two rollers and one pad type: the front sand frame is an adjustable steel roller, and the rear sand frame is a combined mechanism, which is suitable for sanding and surface polishing of various copper plates, aluminum plates, cold plates, hot plates, and stamping parts. It has the characteristics of large amount of sanding, high sanding flatness, high polishing efficiency, smooth surface, etc., and adopts imported photoelectric control to control the belt swing. When the power is cut off, the belt is deflected or the air pressure is insufficient, the equipment will automatically stop And brake the brake to protect the workpiece from damage, The machine is also equipped with a fault indicator, which makes it easy to find and deal with faults in time. The machine adopts integral welded structure, with strong rigid body, large weight, stable performance and long service life. The feeding adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, stable operation and convenient operation.

grinding machine
metal polishing

Metal wire drawing, rust and deburring machine

1.Thicker conveyor belt, adjustable speed, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, more practical 1. Copper core motor, full horsepower

2. Operation button, one-key operation, convenient and quick

3. Two frames in one structure

4. Adjust the hand wheel, adjust up and down according to the thickness of the workpiece, the operation is simple and convenient

5. Silicone pressure rubber roller, with high elasticity and high friction

Sand belt

Standard specification model parameters: 400mm double sand frame metal grinding and wire drawing machine parameters Dimensions: 1250-850-1750MM Total sanding power 7.5 kW Transmission power 0.37 kW Conveyor belt feeding speed 3-12 meters per minute adjustable The grinding thickness is adjustable from 0.5-100 mm!


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