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How to choose the correct 3-in-1 Automatic feeder for punch stamping production line

After equipping the punch press machine with suitable automation equipment, it can improve the stamping production efficiency, the degree of automation of production, reduce the production cost, and improve the quality of processed products. Therefore, more and more customers in the stamping field are equipped with automation equipment for various types of punching machines.

Automatic feeder for punch press machine

There are various materials, matching punch dies, and production speeds for punching presses. Therefore, there are many ways to match punch automation production lines. HOGI CNC MACHINE introduces the commonly used punch automation production lines.

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Matching methods:

  1.  Heavy-duty material rack+NC servo feeder + punch automatic production line matching

Process description: The heavy-duty material rack is used to carry the coil material to realize the unwinding and unwinding of the coil material; the NC servo feeder is used to perform precise automatic feeding operation for the punch press machine. The matching form is simple, the feeding step can be set at will from 0 to 10 meters, and the multi-stage feeding function is also available.

  1.  2 in 1 material rack and leveler+ NC servo feeder + punch automatic production line matching

Process description: The 2-in-1 material rack and leveling machine is used to carry the coil material and remove the internal stress of the coil material to make it flat; the NC servo feeder is used to match various punching machines to realize the step-by-step conveying of the material coil. There are many types of 2-in-1 material racks and levelers, and you can choose thin plate, medium plate and thick plate according to your needs.

  1.  3 in 1 feeder +Automatic production line of punch press machine matching

Process description: The 3-in-1 feeder is used to carry the coil material, and the coil material is leveled to remove the internal stress and then feeding by numerical control. It can be fully automated, stable and efficient for automatic punching production.

The 3-in-1 feeder is a kind of middle and high-end stamping automation equipment. It has 3 functions of uncoiling, leveling and feeding. It has high degree of automation, space saving, stability and high production efficiency. It is used by more and more automobiles, Electronics, electrical appliances and other metal stamping industries.

The three-in-one feeder, also known as the three-in-one machine and the material rack leveling feeder, is an ideal automatic model for the stamping production of medium and thick plate materials.

Compared with the traditional split stamping production line, it has a smaller footprint, Higher degree of automation (full automation of loading, feeding, leveling, and feeding), and higher leveling accuracy (leveling, feeding in the same machine The operation is close to each other, which can prevent the leveled sheet from rebounding due to internal stress and ensure the leveling and feeding accuracy), better stability, lower failure rate (highly integrated control) and other advantages, so it has been more and more widely used. .

The above are several common types of punch automation production lines. According to different needs, there are many matching forms to choose from.

Such as: double-head material rack for stator and rotor stamping + S-type leveling machine + high-speed gear feeder, disc feeder for terminal stamping + high-speed clip feeder + terminal receiver, HOGI can be customized according to customer needs .

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