Laser pipe/tube cutting machine Detailed introduction of application

  1. Application of laser pipe cutting machine in household industry

Today’s office furniture market is fiercely competitive, and it is a big problem for office furniture companies to break through in a market with serious homogeneity:

The new main force of metal pipe processing: fiber laser cutting, as a new weapon in metal processing in recent years, is gradually replacing traditional cutting, punching, drilling, sawing and other methods. The pipe material also belongs to metal. The furniture industry pipes are made of stainless steel, which fits the advantages of fiber laser cutting. Fiber laser’s high-efficiency photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent beam quality, high-density laser energy, and fine cutting gaps can be used in the furniture industry for tube processing.

The bottleneck of pipe processing in the household industry: high scrap rate, low precision, burr grinding, more post-processing, high personnel costs, process limitations, and low efficiency. Few application scenarios and difficulty in processing small pipes. Pipes are easily deformed.

But The laser pipe cutting machine can solve all the problems mentioned above.

Laser pipe cutting machine
  1. Application of laser pipe cutting machine in auto parts industry

Car manufacturer

With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, cars have become a necessary tool for people to travel. Consumers’ pursuit of individuality, function and taste has also led to continuous innovation in automobile manufacturing technology and continuous introduction of new generation products. This is a big test for automakers, and they need to consider how to reduce production costs while also improving manufacturing technology.

Thanks to the advantages of non-contact, flexibility and high-precision processing, laser application technology has basically covered all areas of the automobile manufacturing industry, especially laser cutting technology, which has been fully applied to auto parts, body, door frame, trunk , Car roof cover and many other aspects.

As one of the highly intelligent industries at present, automobile manufacturing has integrated a variety of production processes, and laser, as one of the important technologies, has achieved up to 70% of the intelligent production of accessories. The emergence of laser cutting technology has greatly reduced the production cost of enterprises and improved the production efficiency of enterprises.

car industry
  1. Application of laser pipe cutting machine in bathroom and kitchenware

The market value of laser cutting machines is very high, and they are used in many industries, such as the automotive industry, elevator manufacturing industry, furniture industry, etc., can cut wood, low-carbon steel, stainless steel, rubber, plastic (polymer), leather and other materials , And therefore the laser cutting machine plays a very important role in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

Kitchen and bathroom supplies mainly include cabinets, range hoods, microwave ovens, ovens, disinfection cabinets, kitchen sinks, refrigerators, rice cookers, stoves, gas water heaters, etc., as well as some daily necessities such as showers, faucets, shower rooms, mop pools, etc.

The high-end kitchen and bathroom supplies in the market are generally made of stainless steel sheet metal panels with a thickness of less than 3mm. There are many kinds of sheet metal parts. Many stainless steel sinks, wash basins, and floor drains are processed by laser cutting machines. If the requirements are not high, secondary processing (polishing) will be carried out. Generally, the thickness of the washing plate is 0.6-1mm, and the thickness of the floor drain is below 5mm.

Kitchen and bathroom products are updated quickly, and the market demand is large. Many manufacturers use laser cutting machines, which not only have high processing speed, high efficiency, and simple operation, but also can complete various shapes of plate cutting without changing molds or knives, shortening The preparation time cycle saves a lot of consumables and labor costs.

Moreover, the application of the laser cutting machine simplifies the processing technology and process at a higher level, the production cycle is short, there is no need to make a mold, and the time and cost of mold opening is reduced. The performance is stable and there are few failures. There will be no stamping during processing, and the surface is processed. There is no burr, no secondary processing, and mass production can be realized quickly by making samples.

stainless steel
  1. Application of laser pipe cutting machine in subcontract processing industry

  The laser pipe cutting machine is widely used in subcontract processing, and it has become one of the main production machines specializing in the production and processing of high-quality pipes.

In the fine processing of pipe fittings, more and more users have begun to choose laser pipe cutting machines. Recently, friends in the door and window industry felt very good after seeing the pipe cutting video of our laser pipe cutting machine. For pipe cutting, it can also open holes, and can also cut bevels and arcs. Call us to inquire about the advantages of using laser pipe cutting machines compared with stamping processing.

 The laser pipe cutting machine is a non-contact high-precision and high-speed pipe processing method. The laser beam does not exert any force on the workpiece during the pipe fitting process, and the workpiece will not be deformed. After the processing, the workpiece does not need secondary processing such as grinding. For the processing of complex workpieces, there is no need to open the mold. After adjusting the processing parameters, the ideal complex process pipe fittings can be processed in one feeding, which improves efficiency and saves production costs.

Laser pipe cutting machine-round pipe cutting effect Picture

round pipe cutting

Laser tube cutting machine-square tube cutting effect Picture

square pipe

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine-Shaped Pipe Cutting Effect Picture

laser cutter

3d Laser pipe cutting machine-3D cutting effect Picture

3d Laser tube cutting machine

HOGI Laser provides customers with a variety of high-quality laser tube cutting intelligent equipment, which can meet the processing of tubes of different materials and thicknesses. HOGI Laser continues to invest in special R&D technologies to make the machine tool run more stable, produce more efficient, and operate more intelligently. HOGI Laser has a fast and professional after-sales service team, and each equipment has a professional team to follow up, promising to respond quickly to solve problems.

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