press brake tooling

Materials and types of Bending machine tooling Press brake tools

Materials and types of Bending machine tooling Press brake tools

press brake tooling

  • Material of bending machine tooling

Bending machine tooling common materials are T8, T8A, T10, T10A, 42CrMo, Cr12MoV. In the selection of bending machine tooling materials, to consider several characteristics: hardness, heat resistance and wear resistance. We generally choose T8-T12 carbon steel to use, of which T10 used more, its toughness is moderate, wear resistance can also be, after heat treatment, the highest hardness can reach more than 60HRC, and its production costs are relatively low, but its poor hardenability, heat resistance is poor (250 ℃), ordinary bending machine tooling with more.

If you also want a better mold material, use 42CrMo high lightness alloy structural steel, 42CrMo belongs to the ultra-high lightness steel, with high strength and toughness, quenching is also better, after tempering treatment has a relatively high fatigue limit and resistance to multiple impacts, can work below 500 ℃. After heat treatment, the hardness is about 45-48HRC is more suitable. Most of the current CNC bending machine tooling used is 42CrMo material.

Better is the cold work die steel Cr12MoV, in the material added the right amount of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and other alloying elements, improve the hardenability and hardenability of steel, so that the quenched material is far more comprehensive mechanical properties than other types of steel, suitable for large cross-sectional area, complex shape, frequent use of a variety of cold punching die, with its high precision, long life of the die, but the material will be much higher cost. However, the material cost is much higher.

  • Types of bending machinePress brake tooling

There are more types of bending machine dies, generally there are standard upper die for right angle bending, sharp knife upper die, flattening die, R-shaped die, avoiding upper die, 1V lower die, 2V lower die, 3U,4V lower die, Urethane lower die, hard rubber lower die, lower die guide, lower die holder, segment differential bending die, forming die. The upper die for avoiding position, 1V lower die, 2V lower die, 3U,4V lower die, Urethane lower die, hard rubber lower die, lower die guide, lower die holder, segment difference bending die, forming bending die, combination bending die, non-scarring bending die, etc., and can design various non-standard dies according to different situations.

  1. Ordinary standard upper and lower die: for bending 90˚-180˚ angle. Advantages: common for thick and thin plates, durable, and most widely used.
  2. Sharp knife die: for bending 20˚-180˚ angle, advantages: can bend smaller angles and sizes, bending the R arc is smaller, beautiful, sharp edges.
  3. Big bending die (gooseneck die): also called big bender, used for bending 30˚-180˚ angle, advantage: for standard die and sharp die can not complete the “U” type products, Wide range of applications
  4. Flattening die: used to shoot the dead edge, used in conjunction with the sharp die, first bend the workpiece into an angle of less than 45˚ with the sharp die, and then pressed into the dead edge with the flattening die, mainly used for the reinforcement of the edge.
  5. Break difference die: (also known as Z die) is mainly used for one-time bending of small size Z-shaped workpiece, divided into two types of fixed and adjustable.
  6. Forming die: (including arc die, door frame once forming die, U-forming, lamp post die, etc.) usually for more complex product bending, while including a variety of bending angles and styles, so designed for bending forming die, in order to improve the bending accuracy and efficiency.
  7. The same core mold: usually refers to the lower die used with the CNC bending machine, consisting of die holderand segmented lower die, the same core refers to the use of any slot only need to change to the specified slot can be, without re-alignment of the upper and lower die position, easy to change the mold, high processing accuracy.


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