Pure electric bending machine

Pure electric bending machine Electric Servo press brake

Pure electric bending machine

All electric bending machine

Electric Servo press brake

Pure electric bending machine
Pure electric bending machine
In recent years, the maturity of high-power servo-electric and drive technology and cost reduction have promoted the increasing application of related electric servo drives. Sheet metal industry widely used CNC bending machine opened the era of servo-hydraulic bending machine gradually replaced by pure electric bending machine, for pure electric bending machine tonnage, quality requirements are also gradually increased.

Advantages of pure electric bending machine.

  • Taking a month’s electricity consumption as a reference, the electricity consumption of pure electric servo models in a month is only 30%-50% of that of electro-hydraulic servo models.
  • pure electric servo CNC bending machine does not use hydraulic oil, so there is no oil leakage and other pollution caused by oil.
  • Compared with the same model of electro-hydraulic model, the efficiency will be increased by 50%-80%.
  • Compared with the electro-hydraulic model of the same model, the bending accuracy can be increased by 20%-50%.
  • small metal parts bending small metal parts bending


    Application scope of pure electric bending machine.

    Applicable to precision sheet metal bending, small home appliances, chassis shells and other products.
    Main industries: household appliances, advanced switchgear, precision enclosures and other industries.
    In recent years, along with the green, environmental protection, low-carbon concept has been attached importance, from the field of passenger cars to the field of construction machinery, to the field of industrial manufacturing, pure electric is becoming more and more fashionable and the future.
    From the forging machine tool industry, servo mechanical turret punch has basically completed the replacement of the traditional hydraulic turret punch; servo punch program has become the focus of industry exchanges; in the field of bending machine, from multilateral folding to all-electric bending machine, pure electric also gradually become a major trend in the future of the bending machine industry.
    HOGI all-electric servo bending machine has excellent performance, the most innovative industrial design, the use of all-electric drive, servo motor driven screw, high precision and fast processing efficiency, patented software compatibility, through the accuracy of the ruler feedback computer signals to form a cycle of control and adjustment, long-term use remains accurate, different from the traditional bending machine without oil, and the motor only works when the operation, energy saving and environmental protection and clean.


    High efficiency, Double the efficiency

      Pure electric servo CNC bending machine fast full speed conversion and lower dead center positioning are controlled by servo motor and screw, the whole cycle of control is much faster than hydraulic bending machine. Compare with the same model of electro-hydraulic models, the efficiency will be doubled.


    Accuracy, Always accurate

      Pure electric servo CNC bending machine mainly relies on servo motor and screw drive to make the slide up and down movement and positioning, long-term use, positioning accuracy can still be maintained. The electro-hydraulic model mainly relies on oil pressure transmission to make the slider up and down, with the oil temperature changes, the positioning accuracy of its slider will also decline, with the resulting repeat positioning accuracy will be difficult to ensure.

    Low cost of maintenance and use

    Hydraulic bending machine hydraulic oil needs to be replaced regularly; pumps, valves and seals are prone to failure, easy to damage, the hydraulic system is easy to contaminate, fault finding and troubleshooting difficulties, once the hydraulic system pollution, cleaning the system is difficult, and all will cause environmental pollution. Pure electric servo bending machine drive system is simple, basically no maintenance costs, only need regular lubrication.

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