The difference between Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine and Guillotine shearing machine

With the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, intelligence has become a development trend, and more and more CNC shearing machine have entered thousands of factories instead of mechanical shearing machine. CNC shearing machine are divided into guillotine shear and swing beam plate shear, so what is the difference between hydraulic guillotine shear and hydraulic swing beam shear? Below we start from the working principle, blade life, blade gap, angle adjustment , Processing and use, and the corresponding configuration and purchase recommendation, etc., and also help everyone to better choose the shearing machine.

hydraulic shearing machine

Working principle 

The upper blade of Swing beam shearing machine is fixed on the blade holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the workbench. The tool holder makes an arc motion back and forth around the fixed axis to realize multiple linear shearing of the plate.

Hydraulic cylinders of the guillotine shearing machine are installed vertically on both sides of the machine, and the vertical movement of the hydraulic cylinder drives the tool holder to move back and forth in the vertical direction, thereby realizing the linear cutting of the metal sheet.

Blade life 

Compared with ordinary shears, the swing beam shearing machine adopts oblique blade shearing. The upper blade has 2 blades and the lower blade has 4 blades. Due to its simple structure, low failure rate, high shearing efficiency, and poor sheet metal after shearing It is widely used due to bowing, warping, and distortion.

The guillotine shears have 4 cutting edges on the upper blade and 4 cutting edges on the lower blade. During use, the blade surface can be changed. The guillotine shears have more blade edges and longer service life. The vertical cutting of the blade makes the cutting process more powerful and efficient, and improves the cutting quality.

Number of blades

The difference in the number of blades determines that the blade life of the guillotine shears is longer than that of the pendulum shears, so under the same working intensity, the service life and work quality of guillotine shearing machines are better than swing beam shearing machines.

Blade clearance 

The Swing beam shearing machine is equipped with a fast blade clearance adjustment mechanism, which can adjust the blade gap that is good for cutting according to different plate thickness and materials, and is equipped with an accurate parameter table for reference selection, and obtains satisfactory cutting quality through reasonable blade gap. As the tool post rotates, the shearing angle and shearing gap of the swing beam shears will change.

The guillotine shearing machine adopts a three-point roller guide rail structure, and the front pre-compressed guide rail makes the tool holder always stick to the upper and lower guide rails for repeated movement without gaps. When cutting, the system will electrically adjust the knife edge gap according to the needs of different sheets to obtain better cutting quality.

Blade clearance adjustment 

The Swing beam shearing machine have the function of manually adjusting the blade clearance, just turn the handle; the guillotine shearing machine have the function of electrically adjusting the blade clearance, which can be adjusted more conveniently and accurately through the system, which is beneficial to obtain better cutting quality.

Angle adjustment 

The shearing angle of the pendulum shearing machine cannot be adjusted, which makes the pendulum shearing machine have many limitations in use, and it is more single for metal plates and functions, and it is not suitable for the shearing of thick plates. The shearing angle of the guillotine shears can be adjusted, and it can be adjusted for different metal plates, which is more convenient and widely used, and has more freedom when cutting thick plates.

Shear angle 

The shear angle refers to the angle between the upper blade and the lower blade when it moves downward. The shear angle of the swing beam shearing machine is fixed, and the shear angle of the guillotine shearing machine can be adjusted according to the thickness and material of the sheared plate, generally between 0° and 2°.

Processing and use 

The blade clearance of the swing beam shearing machine needs to be adjusted manually; and the cutting angle cannot be adjusted; the effect is poor when cutting thick plates. However, the price is relatively low. From the perspective of cost saving, if the precision of the shearing plate is not high, and the thickness of the shearing plate is relatively thin, you can buy a pendulum shearing machine.

The blade clearance of guillotine shears can be adjusted electrically, with higher precision, which is twice that of swing shears. The cutting angle can also be adjusted according to different metal plates. If you process thick plates over 8mm, it is recommended to use guillotine shearing machine, because the principle of the swing beam shearing machine limits its precision in cutting thick plates. The appearance is an integral welded frame structure, and after vibration aging treatment, the machine tool has good rigidity, high precision and good accuracy retention. However, the production cost of the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is higher, so the selling price is also higher.

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