Advantages of industrial robot welding

How can industrial welding robots help users improve welding efficiency? Industrial welding robots are automated mechanical equipment used for welding operations. Traditional welding has the problems of difficult welding process, low efficiency, difficult recruitment, and unstable welding quality. Industrial welding robot applications help users solve problems and use industrial welding robots to put into production.

industrial welding robot
welding robot
  • 01 Intelligent welding control system

Industrial welding robots are equipped with multiple sensors. The arc sensor can automatically locate the position. The arc sensor uploads the welding seam information to the control system. The control system can release just the right welding material to fill the welding seam according to the programmed parameters, reducing the number of weldments. Repair rate, improve welding efficiency.

  • 02 Multi-axis coordination improves welding flexibility

Most industrial welding robots have six movable joints, and the joints can be flexibly matched and applied. The intelligent control system can input programming data, and then weld the workpiece through teaching. The coordinated movement of each axis can increase the welding speed. It is a fully automatic welding robot. Important parts.

  • 03 Compact and reasonable structure

The structure of the industrial welding robot mainly includes the robot body, welding power source, intelligent control system, welding gun, teaching device, control system, wire feeding mechanism, etc. It has a compact structure and cooperates with each other to improve welding efficiency.

  • 04 With welding auxiliary equipment to improve welding accuracy

The installation of auxiliary equipment can improve the automation level of industrial welding robots. The control system needs to realize the matching of auxiliary settings through interfaces.

Common auxiliary equipment includes welding displacement, gun cleaning station, welding seam tracking system, safety guardrail, etc.

  • 05 Fast welding reaction speed

The intelligent control system of an industrial welding robot is equivalent to the reaction speed of a skilled welder. Welding parameters can be adjusted for complex welds. The content capacity can store welding parameters. During the welding process of welds with the same specifications, it can be automatically called and reduced. Reaction time.

Welding robot application
welding effect

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