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Advantages of pure electric bending machine

Advantages of pure electric bending machine

In recent years, along with the green, environmental protection, low-carbon concept is being paid more and more attention to, from the field of passenger cars to the field of construction machinery, and then to the field of industrial manufacturing, pure electric is becoming more and more a fashion, a future.


From the forging machine tool industry, servo mechanical turret punch has basically completed the replacement of the traditional hydraulic turret punch; servo punch program has become the focus of industry exchanges; in the field of bending machine, from multilateral folding to all-electric bending machine, pure electric also gradually become a major trend in the future of the bending machine industry.

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electric servo press brake
ALL electric press brake

Application scope of pure electric bending machine:

Applicable to precision sheet metal bending, small home appliances, chassis shells and other products; main industries: household appliances, advanced switchgear, precision shells and other industries.


HOGI all-electric servo bending machine has excellent performance, the most innovative industrial design, the use of all-electric drive, servo motor driven screw, high precision and fastest processing efficiency, CNC software compatibility, through the accuracy of the ruler feedback computer signals to form a dead cycle control adjustment, long use is still accurate, different from the traditional bending machine without Hydraulic oil, and the motor only works when the operation, energy saving and environmental protection and clean
  1. Energy saving, save 80% of electricity
  2. Environmental protection, No oil change
  3. High efficiency, double the efficiency
  4. Precision, always accurate             

    electric servo press brake
    mini bender                                                                                    
Pure electric servo CNC bending machine mainly relies on servo motor and screw drive to make the slide up and down movement and positioning, long-term use, positioning accuracy can still be maintained. The electro-hydraulic model mainly relies on oil pressure transmission to make the slider up and down, with the oil temperature changes, the positioning accuracy of the slider will also decline, with the resulting repeat positioning accuracy will be difficult to ensure.


HOGI| Taiwan SYNTEC Control System Makes Complex Jobs Easy
The SYNTEC control system is mainly used in all-electric servo bending machines. Powerful functions, rich built-in resources, with the advantages of safety, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc.


HOGI/Dual servo main motor control, fast response and low failure
The PB bending machine is based on the dual servo principle, with the Y1 and Y2 axes controlled by powerful SYNTEC servo motors.
This design achieves the highest speed and accuracy and ensures extremely low operating costs.


HOGI | A variety of tooling options to match a variety of bending workpieces, higher accuracy and faster speed
A variety of tooling can be selected to adapt to the production of various workpieces, making the bending angle of the bending machine more accurate and more efficient


HOGI | Reliable electrical system
Open door power failure, high quality SYNTEC servo motor drive, electrical components
HOGI/4-Axis 6-Axis Precision Rapid Backstop
Adopt high precision 4-axis or 6-axis back gauge. Adopt servo motor, ball screw and linear guide drive to ensure high precision operation. Beam height is adjusted by CNC.


HOGI |DSP Laser Protection Device
Italian DSP laser protection device, DSP laser safety protection device comprehensive protection bending machine operators personal safety, to avoid the danger due to the rapid movement of the slider on the machine. A block-shaped protection zone is formed for the bending tool tip, protecting the front, middle and rear areas of the tool tip. The protective zone is fixed under the tool tip and moves synchronously with the tooling, ensuring that any object underneath the tooling at high speed must first enter the protective zone created by the DSP before it touches the tool tip. Once an obstruction (such as a worker’s finger) enters the DSP protection zone, the DSP will immediately send a signal and interrupt the downward movement of the slider.


HOGI|Machine Worktable compensation mechanism crowing(optional)
It is made of high-strength steel with non-linear wave slant block structure, driven by motor, and can precisely adjust the compensation amount.

electric bending machine

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