Daily inspection and maintenance of stainless steel v grooving machine

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Now many products need to use stainless steel v cut machine, so how to check the CNC v grooving machine? Handling and checking machine tool failures during the operation of the stainless steel slotting machine is carried out by the machine operator. Full-time inspection is responsible for key parts and important parts of the machine tool for periodic key inspections, equipment status monitoring and fault diagnosis, and an inspection plan. Make a good diagnosis record, analyze the repair results, and put forward suggestions for improving equipment maintenance and management, which will be carried out by full-time maintenance personnel. As a work system, the inspection of the CNC V-shaped grooving machine must be carefully implemented and persevered to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool. In order to facilitate the operation, the inspection content of the CNC V-shaped grooving machine can be listed in a concise table.

The spot inspection of the CNC stainless steel v groove machine is the basis for carrying out condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. It mainly includes the following content: First, determine how many maintenance points a CNC stainless steel v slotting machine has, and analyze the equipment scientifically to find the correct The parts that may fail, as long as these maintenance points are checked, failures will be discovered in time. For calibration, standards must be formulated for each maintenance point one by one, such as clearance, temperature, pressure, flow, tightness, etc., and there must be clear quantitative standards, as long as the specified standards are not exceeded, it is not a failure. Regular and how often the inspection should be determined. The inspection cycle should be determined. Some points may be inspected several times per shift, and some points may be inspected every one or several months, which should be determined according to the specific situation. Items are determined, and which items to check at each maintenance point should also be clearly specified.Each point may check one or several items.

  1. The v groover machine should be filled with lubricating oil before starting up every day;
  2.  The grooving preparation button is the pre-grooving preparation button of the automatic v grooving machine. Do not press this button during the grooving process;
  3. After entering the new program, press the emergency stop switch and turn it on again, and then press the tool post forward button to slot; 4.When grooving, the programmed feed amount cannot be too large to avoid damage to the knife and unstable pressing.

5. Don’t switch on and off frequently in the electrical cabinet, you only need to pull out the key every time you shut down;

6.During the grooving process, the iron filings should be blown clean by the air duct at any time, and there should be no debris under the platform fixing frame;

7.When the sheet metal fixing frame (presser foot) is not tight, the screw can be tightened with a hexagonal wrench;

8.Keep an eye on the remaining amount of coolant and the angle of coolant injection;

9.Once the machine breaks down, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance and do not work with illness.

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