Full closed loop vertical double-head CNC V grooving machine

GNVP-1250*4200 Technical parameters

Ordinary bending processing leaves a larger arc at the bend, and the thicker the processed metal sheet, the larger the arc. The large arc angle affects the overall appearance of the product. In order to solve this problem, our company newly designed CNC sheet metal V-groove CNC V grooving machine. This series of products have high processing accuracy, easy operation, stable and reliable operation. It is used for V-groove processing on stainless steel, ordinary iron plates, copper and other plates, and is especially suitable for V-groove processing before sheet metal bending.

Double head cnc v grooving machine

The performance and characteristics of the V grooving machine:

  • The body is all-steel welded and has been annealed and heat treated to eliminate internal stress and have high strength
  • It adopts Abel’s touch-screen numerical control system, which is easy to operate.
  • The electrical appliances all use the original products of French Schneider Company to ensure the service life and stability of the circuit.
  • The hydraulic control system of Taiwan Yuken, the pressing and releasing of the pressing plate and the clamp are fully automated, and the pressure is stable and reliable.
  • Servo motor feeds with high accuracy and reliability, up to 0.01mm. The servo motor controls the tool post and the feeding device to ensure precise planing and positioning.
  • The touch screen is used for quick and clear command input.
  • The traditional nut screw drive is changed to imported refined alloy steel rack and pinion transmission, which has lower noise, easier maintenance, lower failure rate, and more stable operation.
  • The automatic spray method cools the cutters and improves the service life of the cutters.
v grooving machine of stainless steel decoration

Performance evaluation method of V Grooving machine:

 Its performance and quality can be evaluated through the following aspects:

1.Body strength. This is a basis for whether the performance of a machine can meet the requirements. If the strength of the fuselage is not high and the rigidity is not good, no matter how good the design concept is, it is impossible to realize on this basis, just like building a building without a good foundation. . Specifically, for the grooving machine, it will directly affect two main functions, one is the feed depth, and the other is the positioning accuracy of the feeding device. Of course, there is also the service life of the whole machine.

2.The flatness of the workbench. If the workbench is not flat, the most direct effect of the planed metal sheet is that the depth of planing on a groove will be different. For thicker plates, the effect is not large, but for plates of about 0.5mm, the effect is only It will be obvious.

3.Depth of cutter head Feeding. A dial indicator can be used to measure whether the depth of cutter head feeding is accurate.

4. The positioning accuracy of the feeding device. Can actually measure the parallelism of the workpiece after slotting.

5. Pressure holding performance of hydraulic system. The pressure-holding performance can be distinguished by the change of the pressure gauge per unit time. If the pressure holding performance is not good, the workpiece may loosen during the planing process, causing the steel plate to move or even scrap. At the same time increase the possibility of tool damage.

  6. Trial processing, comprehensive evaluation. After processing the mirror steel sheet, check whether the metal plate has indentations, whether the distance between the two sides is the same, and whether the parallelism can meet the requirements.

Special blade for v slotting machine
cnc v slotting machine workshop

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