Single-head punching machine

Hydraulic punching machine

Channel steel punching machine

H steel punching machine

Hydraulic punching machine

Iron plate punching machine

Steel structure punching machine

Using hydraulic transmission, it can punch metal plates, angle steel, channel steel, and I-beam. It can punch multiple holes at the same time, and it can replace the press to press products of various shapes. It has light weight, small size, low noise, etc. advantage.

It is the processing equipment of modern machinery manufacturing such as: metallurgy, bridges, communications, electric power, construction, steel structure, mechanical processing and other industries.

hydraulic punching machine

Product Application

HOGI  Brand P series Punching machine features multiple functions, including: punching all kinds of holes (round hole, square hole, oblong hole), louver punching, steel plate punching, flat bar punching, angle steel punching,  notching, press brake, angle steel notching , bending, pipe notching. It comes standard with: quick-change coupling nut & sleeve, squaring arm with scale,  gauging table with stops, punching base table, safety guards and more.We can design any special tools according to your metal fabricating requirements.

punch die
steel punching machine

Main Features

1. High Quality Components & System
a. Main Electrical component: Schneider
b. Valve: Yuken
c. Pump: Hydromax
d. Oil Seals: DZ
e. Timer Relay: OMRON
f. Motor: Siemens
2. Cost Effective
AIW SERIES Hydraulic Ironworker With Very good price/performance ratio
Various AIW SERIES Hydraulic Ironworker capacity from 45T to 400T to meet your requirement.
3. Stable Performance & Reliable Quality
AIW Series Hydraulic Ironworker use hydraulic transmission. Light weight, low noise, reliable performance.
4. Simple Operation
The operation of hydraulic ironworker is controlled by foot switch.

Punching Station

Full range of universal punches and dies are available.

Quick change coupling nut and sleeve for rapid replacement of change. 

2 pcs of gauging table with rulers.

Swing away design for stripper.

Useful for Various Shaping/Punching/Forming punch dies.

Useful for Louver Punching

punch die of hydraulic punching machine custom
HOGI machine manufacturer

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