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The difference between laser welding machine and traditional argon arc welding machine!

The difference between laser welding machine and traditional argon arc welding machine

Which is better between hand-held laser welding machine and argon arc welding machine

Both the laser welding machine and the argon arc welding machine are used for welding. The argon arc welding is a welding technology that uses argon gas as a protective gas, also known as argon gas shielded welding. The argon arc welding is a kind of arc welding.

At present, argon arc welding has been gradually replaced by laser welding in precision welding. Let’s understand the difference between laser welding machine and argon arc welding machine and the advantages and characteristics of hand-held laser welding machine.

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The difference between laser welding machine and argon arc welding machine:

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method that uses a high-energy-density laser beam as a heat source. The principle of laser welding can be divided into thermal conductivity welding and laser deep penetration welding. That is, the surface of the workpiece is heated by laser radiation, and the surface heat diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction. By controlling the parameters such as the width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency of the laser pulse, the workpiece is melted to form specific molten pool.

TIG welding is a kind of arc welding, which uses the arc burning between the continuously fed welding wire and the workpiece as the heat source, and the gas shielded arc sprayed from the torch nozzle is used for welding.

The difference between laser welding machine and argon arc welding machine is: argon arc welding uses non-consumable electrodes and shielding gas, and is often used to weld thin workpieces, but the welding speed is relatively slow, and the heat input is much larger than that of laser welding, which is easy to deform. The characteristics of the seam are that the heat affected zone is small, the weld seam is narrow, the weld seam cooling rate is fast, the weld metal properties change little, and the weld seam is hard.


The hand-held laser welding machine has simple structure, quick start, flexible welding, strong welding penetration, and can be used for welding of various complex angles. Models are mobile (can be welded outdoors) and fixed. It has high flexibility and strong expansibility. It can be equipped with manipulators or other CNC welding machines in the later stage, as well as replacing ordinary hand-held heads or swinging hand-held heads to meet various welding needs.

  1. Which one is better, hand-held laser welding machine or argon arc welding machine?
  2. The laser welding machine does not need consumables when welding, and the welding production cost is low.
  3. The energy of the laser welding machine is concentrated, the welding strength is high, and the firmness even exceeds that of the base metal.
  4. The laser beam of the laser welding machine is dense, the heat affected area is small, and the product is not deformed after welding.
  5. The laser welding machine is simple to operate and easy to use. It only takes two hours to get started with zero experience.
  6. The welding speed of laser welding machine is fast. At the same time, the output of a laser welding machine is five times that of argon arc welding.
  7. After the laser welding machine is welded, the welding seam is beautiful, without burrs, no welding scars, and no grinding and polishing is required for later use.
  8. The laser welding machine is multi-purpose, and can be replaced with a cutting copper nozzle, which can be temporarily used as a low-power laser cutting machine.  





    Hand-held laser welding integrated cabinet, which integrates laser, chiller, software control, etc., has the advantages of small footprint, convenient movement and strong functionality; hand-held operation mode, equipped with special welding nozzle, can achieve any position and any angle of the workpiece. Welding; match a variety of laser sources, Applicable to workpieces with various process requirements, one-time welding, basically no deformation, meeting the requirements of high-quality products; beautiful welds, no weld scars, no discoloration, and no need for subsequent grinding; firm welding, and the strength of the welds reaches or even exceeds the base metal itself; suitable for For tailor welding, stitch welding, inner and outer fillet welding, arc welding, irregular shape welding, etc.

    In recent years, the country’s requirements for environmental protection have become higher and higher. TIG welding will produce a large amount of welding dust and slag, which is extremely harmful to the environment, while laser hand-held welding is relatively less harmful to the environment.

    The above is the analysis of the advantages of handheld laser welding VS traditional argon arc welding.

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