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What types of companies are suitable for using fully automated CNC bending robots?

bending robot

Compared with manual collaborative work, the advantages of bending robots are reflected in three aspects: efficiency, safety and quality. The advantages of quality are divided into two points: one is the accuracy of bending robots, good repeatability; the second is to avoid accidents that occur because of manual fatigue.
In today’s manufacturing industry, sheet metal bending and forming has been spread throughout various industries, such as automotive, home appliance kitchenware, electric control, logistics equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc.
The most used in the field of sheet metal processing is a 6-axis special bending robot to replace the manual bending process, but not all companies are suitable for automatic bending with robots, you need to understand the customer’s site working conditions in depth before making recommendations, HOGI has compiled a few important points for your reference.
Automatic bending robot
Automatic bending robot
1, The size and weight of the product: bending robot is more suitable for regional size of the workpiece of the automatic bending; such as two eight cabinet bending, electronic control cabinet bending, communication cabinet bending, etc., its biggest advantage is that it can work 24 hours a day without interruption, can significantly improve the overall production efficiency, improve capacity efficiency, and manual bending, because the size of the product is relatively large, the manual physical requirements are very high, and the need for more than one person to bend a product has a certain impact on personal safety. And it requires more than one person to bend a product, which has a certain impact on personal safety. But if the product size is relatively small, bending process is simple, the number of workpieces is not a lot of robot bending is not recommended, this case requires a considerable part of the effort to bending robots to teach debugging, this time the efficiency of the manual bending will be much faster than the robot bending.
2, The type of workpiece: A bending robot, it is recommended to do similar size, the number of workpiece bending, a bending robot, although theoretically can cover all the bending workpiece, but then the cost will increase a lot, such as the need for more than one set of suction, the need to switch suction in the product replacement will take up part of the manpower in the replacement of suction, although it can be solved by using a quick change tray, but the cost will be higher, if not the number of bending machine is relatively small, it is recommended that a bending robot only do similar size, the production of a relatively large part.
3, Additional features: If the size of the product is relatively large, or there are additional reasons for the need to bend the area is relatively large, after the selected bending robot body to add a seventh axis or can be called the floor track, which can increase the work range of the bending robot to meet the bending needs of more size products, there is also if the customer wants to maximize the savings in human intervention, you can also accelerate the change of the disk to the suction, which can reduce the time of workers to change the bending robot suction. It can reduce the time of workers to change the suction device of the bending robot. Including the maintenance of the seventh axis, can be solved by adding an automatic oiler, which can save labor costs, but also ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
To sum up, automatic bending robots are suitable for companies with large product sizes, large number of single sizes and small product size variations. If you have a need, please contact HOGI for more details, HOGI can make a detailed plan according to the customer’s needs for free.

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