HOGI Automatic Panel bender Flexible bending center

HOGI flexible bending center focuses on solving various complex sheet metal and bending problems in metal forming. Through multi-axis concurrent linkage, sheet metal operations are automatically completed, From technical point of view, it can solve the dependence on bending tools and labor, effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
HOGI’s main products are intelligent flexible bending center, self-propelled robotic arm, multi-axis concurrent linkage intelligent numerical control system, cloud operation and maintenance management platform, mainly serving steel cabinet shell, kitchen utensils, furniture, ventilation, refrigeration, purification, door industry, decoration , elevators, communications, medical equipment, home appliances and other related sheet metal processing industries.

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At present, the intelligent flexible bending center and robotic arm are our successfully applied products, and the underlying multi-axis concurrent linkage intelligent numerical control system and the HOGI-LH cloud enterprise management platform are our real core technologies.
This is a difficulty that many machine tool companies have not been able to break through. In the future, it can be extended to processing technologies such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, punching, and forging, as well as intelligent transportation systems such as AGV/RGV.
With the decline in the sales price of laser cutting machines and the faster and faster cutting speed, the bottleneck of the production capacity of sheet metal factories is concentrated in the bending link. Large batches, many varieties, frequent tool changes, many bending workers are required, long-term work intensity is high, bending efficiency is low, and bending consistency is difficult to guarantee.For example, in the door industry and elevator industry, the plates are large, and at least two skilled workers are required to operate the hydraulic bending machine, which not only consumes physical strength, but also is very dangerous to operate the hydraulic bending machine, which is prone to industrial accidents.
Involving tool changes and multi-pass bending, manual die changing, repeated positioning and feeding are time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in a large number of workpieces being scrapped. For different bending shapes, corresponding bending tools need to be manufactured and stored, which increases the production cycle and mold cost. The new generation of workers has high requirements for working environment and salary, which is a common problem that plagues manufacturing enterprises.
The intelligent flexible bending center is an efficient bending method that saves labor and punch dies. Through system programming, the concurrent linkage of multiple axes can be realized, and the clamping jaws can be controlled or the suction cups can absorb the plate. Control the feeding or rotation of the sheet, and realize the multi-sided and multi-tool bending of the workpiece through the universal bending tool, and the bending efficiency, accuracy and consistency are significantly improved.


HOGI intelligent flexible bending center adopts universal bending die, only one set of die can complete the bending of various shapes, users do not need to customize the die.
The fastest time is 0.2 seconds per knife, and the multi-sided bending is formed once. On average, a workpiece is completed in about 30 seconds, and it works continuously for 24 hours. The equipment can easily realize the bending requirements of circular arc, dead edge, return type, closed type and other complex types of sheet metal.
HOGI graphic visualization programming system, the user only needs to input the corresponding bending parameters according to the workpiece size to automatically generate the bending program, which can be learned by ordinary workers in 2 hours. The system supports the bending detection function. If the bending parameters are abnormal, the system self-checking program will automatically alarm and prompt the user.


HOGI intelligent flexible bending center greatly reduces the investment and use threshold, making this powerful, efficient and high-precision equipment enter all walks of life at an amazing speed, not only improving production efficiency, but also improving corporate image and management level.
HOGI intelligent flexible bending center can be widely used in sheet metal bending of various types of metal sheets, including file cabinet bending, electrical cabinet bending, kitchen utensil bending, metal furniture bending, metal decorative bending, fire ventilation metal Bending of parts, bending of shells in refrigeration fields such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, bending of elevator sheet metal, bending of auto parts, bending of metal doors and windows, etc…It can easily realize the bending requirements of circular arc, dead edge, return type, closed type and other complex types of sheet metal.


HOGI flexible bending center can be widely used in the field of steel cabinet shells (file cabinets, tool cabinets, o

uter shields, electrical cabinets, communication cabinets, gas cabinets, water meter cabinets…), kitchen utensils (refrigerators, air conditioners, cookers… ), furniture, ventilation, refrigeration, purification, door industry, decoration, elevator and other related metal forming fields.


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