Horizontal V grooving machine, Vertical V grooving machine and CNC grooving machine Features

HSV/HSL series V grooving machine body and beam adopt frame structure design. The worktable uses 60mmQ345 low-alloy high-strength structural steel, and the frame uses Q235 steel plate. The overall rigidity of the machine tool is stable and durable.

The body is tempered with natural gas to eliminate welding stress and reduce equipment deformation. The sandblasting process ensures excellent paint finish.


HSV/HSL CNC V slotting machine adopts precision copper gear and helical rack drive, Taiwan HIWIN ball heavy-duty linear guide, moving speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the cutting process is stable and efficient. The first-level transmission of the motor adopts the V-belt transmission. Due to the tensile force of the V-belt, the impact force during emergency stop and emergency return is reduced, the flexible operation of the equipment is ensured, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.

The tool holder transfer device of the RAS slotting machine uses SFSR silent ball screw and QH silent guide rail to ensure high accuracy.

The processed workpieces are fixed by pneumatic clamping system,, the grooving speed is fast and strong clamping is guaranteed. Pneumatic clamping prevents plate crushing.

HSL/HSV v cut machine uses four knives to process the “V” groove, so the cutting amount is evenly distributed and the deformation of the workpiece is reduced.. And the optional micro cooling system can prolong the service life of the tool and reduce the production cost.

The HSL/HSV slotting machine can process both longitudinally and transversely, and has the function of “front and back” processing of sheet metal.

Use V grooving machine as long as you use the input keyboard and processing program to complete. According to the difference of the operator and the material, the processing speed can be adjusted by the knob, which is convenient for the operator to operate..

Through the display screen, you can see the process situation in processing. Use sensors to ensure the safety of operators.

When the equipment is abnormal, an alarm message appears on the display screen, which is easy to repair.

When V slotting machine is used for processing, Workpiece are placed and taken out, so labor can be saved.

The worktable of HSV/HSL v grooving machine has the function of self-planing. In the process of use, customers can groove the worktable by themselves according to their requirements to ensure the machining accuracy.

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