How to choose a suitable CNC system controller for bending machine

With the rapid development of press brakes in recent years, various CNC systems for press brakes have appeared on the market, such as the Netherlands DELEM series, the Swiss CYBELEC series and the Italian ESA series. Of course, China also has many excellent controller, such as Hong Kong’s MD series and Jiangsu Nanjing TP10S series. So how to choose a system? It is easier to follow the following guidelines.

CNC PRESS BRAKE with delem DA66T

First, the system must be easy to operate. We choose CNC bending machine, the purpose is to be able to use the machine more conveniently and create more value for production. If the design of the system is very complicated and the operation is cumbersome, then this system may not be suitable for us no matter how good it is. If our staff’s operating system is a problem, can the efficiency and precision of the system be played out? Therefore, an excellent CNC system must be simple to operate, easy to learn and easy to use.

automatic cnc bending machine

The second is that the system must be stable. The stability of the system is very important. Everyone does not want the machine to have problems just a few days after buying, which will affect the mood and delay production. So how do we know if the system is stable?

  1. First of all, we must understand the age, reputation and holdings of this brand of bending machine in the market, so as to infer whether the brand is mature. If a brand has not been tested and inspected by the market, then the brand must have not matured, and there must be a variety of small problems.
  2. In addition to the brand of the bending machine, it also depends on the system manufacturer. The system produced by the senior automation manufacturer will be more stable. In fact, the essence of CNC machine tools is mechanical automation, and even college students in related majors can develop them, but there are few applications that can really be successful. What are the reasons? In fact, the ideal environment is far from the actual environment, and without a core technical team, it is impossible to develop a satisfactory system. Systems developed by large companies, such as the Netherlands DELEM series, the Swiss CYBELEC series, and the Italian ESA series, as well as the domestic Hong Kong MD series and the Jiangsu Nanjing SNC and TP10S series, are all frequently selected high-quality controller. After determining the brand, the specific model to choose depends on the use, working environment, the degree of bending required, the thickness of the sheet, the effect of bending the workpiece, etc., and then combined with the budget to purchase.
cnc press brake 4+1 axis ESA 640 Controller

3. See if the manufacturer’s after-sales service is timely. After determining the budget, find the factory with the largest scale, the longest history, and the best capital situation in the budget. Don’t buy low-priced machines, because low-priced machines not only cut corners on the racks or refurbished them, but also use poor quality in configuration. Accessories. To ensure cost performance, it is necessary to ensure both quality and after-sales service.

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