Auto panel bender

Leading intelligent flexible bending centre in China HOGI

HOGI-LH The main products are intelligent flexible bending center, self-drive robotic arm, multi-axis concurrent intelligent CNC system, cloud operation and maintenance management platform, mainly serving steel cabinets, kitchenware, furniture, ventilation, refrigeration, purification, door industry , Decoration, elevator, communication, medical equipment, home appliances and other related sheet metal processing industries.
At present, the HOGI-LH flexible bending center and the robotic arm are the products we have successfully applied, and its deep multi-axis concurrent intelligent CNC system and the LH cloud enterprise management platform are our real core technology. This is that many machinery companies have never been. The difficulty of being able to break through can be expanded in the process of car, milling, planing, grinding, rushing, forging and other processing processes, as well as smart transportation systems such as AGV/RGV.
The decline in the sales price of laser cutting machines and the faster cutting speed, the bottleneck of sheet metal factory capacity is concentrated in the bending link. The batch is large, there are many varieties, frequent changes in tools, there are many bending workers, long work intensity, low bending efficiency, and bending consistency difficult to guarantee. For example, the door industry and elevator industry, the board is large. At least two skilled workers need to operate in the hydraulic bending machine. Not only will it consume physical strength, but it is very dangerous to operate the hydraulic bending machine, which is easy to cause work injury accidents.


Auto panel bender
Auto panel bender
Involved in the process of changing knives and multi -bending, artificially switching tools, repetitive positioning and feeding are very time -consuming, and it is easy to make mistakes, resulting in a large amount of workpieces scrapped. For different bending shapes, the corresponding molds need to be manufactured and stored, which increases the production cycle and mold costs, as well as labor costs and efficiency
The HOGI-HL flexible bending center is a bending method that saves manpower and bending tools. Through systematic programming, it can realize the complication of multiple shafts, control the clamp clamping or suction cup, and control the inlet of the plate. Materials or rotation, through the universal gauge tools, realize the multilateral bending molding of the workpiece, and the bending efficiency, accuracy and consistency are highly improved.
Before, only a few strong companies could buy millions or even tens of millions of imported flexible bending centers to produce high -value products. Maintenance is very expensive. Only a few high -quality employees can operate.
HOGI-LH intelligent flexible bending centre adopts universal bending tools, only one set of tool is needed to complete all kinds of shapes of bending, users do not need to customized the tools, the fastest 0.2 seconds per knife, multilateral bending once formed, an average of about 30 seconds a workpiece, 24 hours non-stop work. The machine can easily realize the needs of circular arc, pressed dead edge, return type, closed type and other complex type of sheet metal bending.
The HOGI-LH graphic visual programming system allows the user to automatically generate the bending program by simply entering the corresponding bending parameters according to the size of the workpiece, which can be learned by the average worker in 2 hours. The system supports the bending detection function, if the bending parameters appear abnormal, the system self-test program automatically alarm and prompt the user.
At present, Lanhao’s intelligent flexible bending centre is most suitable for bending 0.35 to 3mm thick stainless steel, aluminium, cold plate and other metal plates, sheet metal parts that need to be bent on more than two sides, with a bending height of 170mm as standard, all supporting a custom bending height of 300mm, a bending width of no more than 2500mm, a maximum size of no more than 2500mm x 1250mm, and a minimum size of 140mm x 190mm for four-sided forming. The more complex the structure, the more times and the more sides need to be bent, the more obvious the advantages of the intelligent flexible bending centre.
The HOGI suction cup X series bending centres are suitable for plates with a flat surface and no punching or holes; the press arm P series is suitable for mesh, corrugated, openwork and all types of flat or shaped workpieces.

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